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Directed Produced & Choreographed by Laura Luc

Musical Direction by Sinai Tabak

Set Design by Robert Lavagno

Costumes by Lucy Luc

Lighting Design by Jay Scott

Makeup Design by Karen Putz

Hair Design/Stylist Audrey Smith

Production Stage Manager Sarah Perlin

Assistant Stage Manager Alyssa Luc

Production Assistant Jeorgi Smith


Julianna Rigoglioso

Rachel Weintraub

Jeremiah Burch

Annette Winter

Terry Palasz

Kenneth Heaton

Erol Tammerman

Daniel Moser


Claire Russell

Kimberly Jackson

Madisyn Shipman

Joy Kate Lawson

Drew Davidson

Brian Butera

Zachary Brod


Daphne Ciccarelle, James Ciccarelle, Isabella Galagarza, Morgan Dalhausser, Emerson Glick, Irena Kogarova, Dana Konner, Rebecca Kurnellas, Vera Marshall, Rachael McVey, Grace Nevin, Molly Oates, Chloe Elaine Scharf, Meridien Terrell, Moriah Tobin.